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QUIZ: How Good Are You At Psychology?

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People are complex, emotive beings who often experience all sorts of emotions on a daily basis. We are capable of going from joyously happy to a dark, sulky mood in the span of an instant. Life has often been compared to a roller coaster, a description that fits well, as we ride the highs and lows of our feelings and emotions through it.

When it comes to what someone may be thinking, they often give off subtle cues and signs that can reveal a lot about what they are going through at any given moment. If you watch closely and observe you can read what they are expressing and guess what they are likely feeling. When you do this you’re basically analyzing someone from a psychological perspective, which is the best way to find out more about them. Psychology is commonly known as the study of the human mind and behavior, and practically everyone knows a little something about it. After all, the amount of information that falls under the general category of “psychology” is vast, diverse, and ever-changing with each new study.

Even if you don’t have a psychological background you can still accurately read people. It’s in our nature to instinctively know or feel what another person may be thinking or feeling and so in a sense we all have an inner psychologist within our selves. Furthermore, it has been said, and some studies have proven, that women are better at reading people than men are. Women are the more emotional sex and are better at tuning into what others are feeling, as well as sensing what thoughts people may be experiencing. Because of this, females are viewed as the more emotionally intelligent sex, and are intrinsically synced with others on a deeper, more personal level. This may be true when speaking in generalities but a lot of men are just as, if not more, emotionally aware and complex as their female counterparts.

Where do you think you fall on the spectrum of understanding others? Do you think you’re always spot on or do you tend to miss the signs that others pick up on? This quiz will tell you exactly where you stand in terms of how good you are at reading people from a psychological perspective. Try it now to find out and enjoy!

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