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The Secret Recipe Of This 113 Year Old Man: 5 Foods Are Essential For Longevity

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A man named Bernardo LaPallo is over 110 years old, although most would think he is younger. Like many living to be his age, LaPallo credits his long life with eating a lot of organic fruit and vegetables, while avoiding other foods like the plague.

He walks about 2,5 kilometers in the park or in nature. He has got his own teeth and hair, as well as very small number of wrinkles! It sounds pretty amazing and Lapallo says that he comes from a family of long-lived people.. He says that the key advice came from his father who was a doctor and a herbalist, so he advised him what to eat if he wishes to remain healthy. It’s a lifestyle which needs to be followed every day.

Basically, it means consuming more fruits and vegetables, more physical activity, drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep.

He especially recognizes these 5 foods, a secret passed down to him by his father which he believes is the key to his longevity.

Raw honey is the only super-food which comes from the nature. It’s rich in antioxidants and helps the body to fight different diseases. Honey is familiar as a healthy, natural sweetener and medicine and it can be also used on the outside, in face masks and body masks which promote skin health and a younger look.

It’s well-known for its healing properties which are attributed to the compound of sulfur which contains allicin. This substance is very expressed and gives garlic its specific smell. Garlic has been used for centuries to decrease high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It can also prevent heart diseases and atherosclerosis and works against cancer. In order to have the maximum results, eat it raw.

Cinnamon decreases the blood sugar levels and cholesterol, prevents inflammations and infections and helps digestion.

Olive oil
This Mediterranean treat is an excellent source of healthy oils until you warm it up. It’s rich in mono-saturated fats and decreases the risk of cardiac diseases. Extra virgin olive oil is a kind which mostly affects the health, so it should be your first option.

Black chocolate with high contents of cocoa (at least 70%) can be very good for you when you consume it moderately. It’s rich in antioxidants and prevents cardiovascular diseases by decreasing the cholesterol, as well as blood pressure. It also increases your blood circulation and decreases the stress.


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