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25 Chrome Extensions to Make You More Productive

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We hear so much about productivity. How do we become more productive? What can help us be extra productive? Which tools make us the most productive?

It’s because we all have busy lives with jobs, families, and commitments that the push for productivity, whether we like it or not, is important. So, when it is time to get it in gear, which browser tools do you need the most? Here are 25 great extensions for Chrome that will not only make your browser more productive, but you too.


Tackle Your Tabs

Being productive using your browser starts with making your browser more productive. Organizing your tabs is a terrific first step if you work with multiple tabs regularly or even daily.

With many tabs open, you know that your display gets cluttered and when it is time to move between different ones, you can easily get lost in the mess. These five useful extensions each serve a specific purpose to help you get a handle on your tabs.

  • OneTab for closing all your tabs and placing the links on a single page
  • Tabs Outliner for showing your tabs in an outline view within a pop-out
  • Tab Snooze for closing your tabs and having them open automatically another day
  • TabCloud for syncing your tabs to the Cloud and accessing them from other devices
  • TabJump for viewing recent and related tabs in a handy drop-down


Better Your Bookmarks

If you have tons of bookmarks, then prepare Chrome to be a productive powerhouse by taking on your bookmarks. How many times over the past year alone have you bookmarked a page and either never visited it again or could not even find it in your list? Or, what if you need to access your bookmarks from another browser or device?

If you are on bookmark-overload, these five useful tools make organizing and accessing them a breeze which means you will find what you need faster.


Set Up Your Searches

If you do a lot of research on the Web, whether for words or images, having your search tools set up and ready to go is one of the keys to productivity. Handy search tools that are reliable and give results in seconds can let you get what you need quicker so that you can keep working.

With these five extensions, you can easily search multiple search engines, find images that you need, and even do a hands-free search.


Take On Your Tasks

Now that you have Chrome ready and waiting for you to jump in, it’s time to get personal. Having your tasks and to-dos at your fingertips is another essential ingredient for productivity.

You never want to forget a task for a major project, a to-do that is due, or an assignment that is crucial. At the same time, you may need simple timers for your tasks because you have so many that it is important to know when it is time to move on.

These five tools can help you with your tasks and keep you on the road to productivity.


Never Lose a Note

For many, notes are more important than tasks. You jot down notes on the go, you capture pages for research, you use notes as reminders, you take them to meetings, and the list goes on.

Making sure that you have your note-taking tool close at hand can save you from embarrassment at work, forgotten items at home, and even important information for an essay or article. These five awesome note-taking extensions are perfect for putting productivity at your fingertips because they are all available across browsers and mobile devices.

  • Pushbullet for instantly sending notes, files, images, and links between browsers and devices
  • Evernote Web for creating, accessing, and organizing notes
  • Panel View for Keep for creating and viewing notes and lists with Google Keep
  • Save to Pocket for saving articles and Web pages with tags
  • Note Board for using the Sticky Note concept and syncing with devices


Push For Productivity

With the right extensions for Chrome and the best tools for you, being more productive is just a few clicks away. Maybe just one of these strategies is all you need or perhaps you need a combination of all five.

Whether you need help with tabs, bookmarks, or your daily tasks, decide where to start and dive in. If you just take a little time up front to get things cleaned up, set up, and firmed up you will end up saving a ton of time later. The productivity train is leaving the station, are you on board?

Image Credit: Turning a Gear by ArchMan via Shutterstock, Tashatuvango via Shutterstock.com

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