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Telekinesis is the power to control aspects of the physical world with your thoughts and intentions. We featured an article on how to start crafting your powers last month, check it out here. Continuing this vein of training, the video below shows beginners how to craft a psi ball. A psi ball isn’t like the DragonBall Z energy blasts or anything. It’s far more productive and useful. A psi ball is a basic ball of energy and intention. By learning how to make and manipulate one you’ll learn about the energy resources available to you.

A run down of this practice is simple but difficult to execute. Stand or sit in a quiet and safe place and start to feel out your energies. Energy harvested from different sources have different feels. As you start out don’t just randomly grab any energy you can feel and use it. It’s important that you start diagnosing the source and distinctive traits of the different energies. The video goes over the more obvious sources, such as your hands, eyes and heart.

With your hands at a comfortable mid waist height, space  your hands out and cup them as though you were holding a dodge ball. At the center of this space, start filling the area with energy. Once you have filled the space with your intended energy, start to experiment with it. What color do you imagine it being? Can you change its color? How does it feel? Can you make it spin on its axis? Play around with it, move it around, from the left to the right side. What happens to it if you drop your hands?

Everyone has the same basic energies available to them, long with the capacity to manipulate them. The way that each person is going to achieve this, will be the aspect of this experiment that varies the most. Don’t get upset if you don’t get it at first. If this was easy everyone would do it, and the government wouldn’t keep this information out of the spot light if it was useless. The visualization techniques used to create a psi ball will benefit you in many ways, even if you can’t create one at first. You will gain valuable insight into your own chakra’s, mind and bodily connections.

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