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The Pyramids Of Giza Were Originally White And Shiny

These enormous structures are engineering feats of the ancient world. If you were to return to the century of their creation you would see a very different picture. The pyramids were covered in polished close knit slabs of white Tura limestone. The slabs were laid in such a way, that the entire pyramid looked as though it was one solid piece. Each of the slab’s dimensions (length, width, and breadth) was about 5 feet, giving each stone a weight close to fifteen metric tons!

What we can see today after earthquakes, sandstorms, war, and time, is the structural base of the bricks. This is all anyone has seen for a long time. Many of these slabs were cut down to become part of other nearby structures like mosques. These structures have been worn down for centuries so artist depictions through the years have reflected that. At the base of the Pyramid of Khufu there are still Tura slabs that can be seen.

White Jesus Is Bible Fan Fiction


More than half the world recognizes Jesus as a man with lighter eyes, sharp facial features, long clean hair and pale skin. Yeshua of Nazareth, the man that modern Christians refer to as Jesus Christ, was Middle Eastern. People born in the Middle East don’t look like the way Yeshua is depicted.

The trouble started with the Renaissance era master artists, such as Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and others in that time and influence. His ‘handsome’ Greek or Italian features made it easier for Christians in Europe to identify with him. In the time of the Crusades, it was beneficial for the Church to not remind people of Yeshua’s origins.


Velociraptors Had Feathers

Pictures in numerous encyclopedia’s and scenes from movies had many convinced that this extinct, super intelligent, apex predator looked like a huge standing lizard. While this isn’t entirely wrong, it’s not 100% right either. They had feathers, kind of. They couldn’t fly and the feathers were more like a furry coating on their outer skin. These tufts were used to scare off other raptors and in mating rituals.

The fact is the scientific community didn’t know any better until 1998, nearly half a decade after the release of Jurassic Park.

Greek Statues Were Brightly Painted

Artists from the Renaissance period tried to mimic Greek styles, and that gave us a lot of the blank statues of marble, where the people don’t always have pupils. Archeologist’s have found proof in literature from ancient Greece along with illustrations of people painting statues to get excited about the variety of colors used on sculptures.

Time and the elements broke a lot of the evidence of paint off. As people became accustomed to the simple white, it became attributed to Grecian art.

The Statue Of Liberty Is A Modern Version Of The Colossus Of Rhodes

The Statue Of Liberty was modeled by French engineers off what the ‘current’ model of the famous Rhodes statue looked like. As the Colossus stood at the ‘entrance to Olympus’, Lady Liberty stands at the entrance to the land of freedom and liberty.

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