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The 3 best women for marriage in the Zodiac: Everyone kneels in front of the third one…

Valentines-DayAlthough all women are good, some are a better or even the best … Find behind which zodiac signs are hiding the best women for marriage!

The Queen Cancer

When you marry cancer, she will love you unconditionally and soon will be ready to go to the end of the world with you or for you. Her emotions are always intense. With her you will finally get to know what it means to have the right woman besides you. She is ready to do everything in order to elect its heart was the happiest man in the world.

Since she is prone to dramatic experience of everything in life, with her help the theater in the home is guaranteed. But that is a small price to pay for living in an oasis like those from “A Thousand and One Nights”. Beside her you will live as “fat cat”, surrounded always with the most delicious dishes and with comfort carefully equipped home. To such a woman every man would run in her arms after a hard day at work!

Children are sacred to her and she will always put their needs ahead of her own. Which means that is up to you, to replace her, give her a little break, and respond to all that she does for you. And all she expects of you is to cuddle her and be honest.


The Ruler-Leo

The Leo is strong and brusque, a real woman and a warrior. This is a woman of incredible strength and ability, but she needs someone when the lid on a jar of pickles gets stuck. She requires someone equal to herself, so next to her no one can just be an ordinary man, but supermen! You will love her, but she will never have to do absolutely nothing special to make you worship her. You’ll always wonder what the catch is.

All that she does for you, she does it with her whole being. You will never meet a woman who will love you more generous than her. When angry, she gets angry in the most beautiful way in the world. When she asks something, her every wish for you is an order. With her you will finally get to know what selfless and true love is.

For her children she fights like a lioness. She will always be there and ready. It will be bad for those who try to do them harm, or say something ugly. She will only require that you love her, and that is nothing in relation to the enthusiasm that she gives you.

The Empress-Aries

In front of this woman everyone fells on their knees so why would not you? Strong as the black earth, she will submit all, while making a superhuman effort to do what she has in mind, you will not notice even a drop of sweat on her noble brow.

What would to any average man broke his spine, this lady will bring out so discreetly and with dignity, that you will yourself whether you are even worthy? If you decide that you are, make sure that your love will burn steadily and strongly, when all the other get burned.

Maintain the flame of her responsibilities, duties and sanctification. With her every day you imperceptibly become better and better, until one day you realize that from a frog you have become a prince who enjoys the respect and authority from everyone around. She’s the one that loved you when you were “no one”, and with her you will surely become a “somebody” – a man worthy of attention, stable, strong, responsible. She does not live in a fantasy, but stands firmly on the ground and knows what to expect from anyone.

If you manage to attract such a woman, and you wonder how you managed to do that, you know that she may see you better than you see yourself. She knows what a man you are and how much you’re worth. She will do her best to take the best out of you. As a mother she is strict, but fair. She will raise winners and rulers. All she requires of you is to show character and perseverance, and she will show you how, with an example.

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