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10 Mysterious Architectural Wonders Built By Tiny Insects

Case moths, bag moths or bagworms are names of moths belonging to the Family Psychidae, all of which build intricate and portable homes from silk. Along with their own silk they use plant material, sand grains and other debris to make the perfect miniature house.

Cases are incredibly elaborate, and oftentimes mysteriously detailed. Case moths spend the majority of their life, 1 to 2 years, as caterpillars before turning into fully developed moths. Once their structure is complete they will climb inside of the silk cocoon at the center, not to reemerge until they sprout wings.

What you are about to see aren’t just any cocoons, instead they are architectural wonders built by tiny insects.

1. The Arctiine Moth removes their long hairs in order to create a caged fortress that provides extra protection once they go inside.


When the caterpillar is ready to pupate it removes its hairs to use in construction. Prior to doing so, it looks like this:


2. This cylindrical fortress protrudes vertically from the branch it is attached to.


3. Log cabin built by bagworm moth caterpillar. The caterpillar collects and saws small sticks in order to construct elaborate spiral log cabins.


4. Log cabin with extra long base log, it is possible the builder was still busy sawing the extra length off.



5. This mystical silk web tower was found in Peru and has baffled scientists worldwide. Entomologists believe the center is an egg sac of some type. Spiders instead of caterpillars may be responsible for this web tower, as a spider was seen hatching from a similar web tower in Peru.


6. Some bagworms use leaves to create tent-like structures.


7. Some tachinids lay eggs in psychid larvae, and as soon as the log cabin is constructed they take the host hostage. This could be an example of that, or it could be a successfully emerged male bagworm moth.


8. Not all ‘jungle tents’ are neat and tidy; some bagworms are clearly less OCD than others.


9. This bagworm barricaded his structure with poop. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


10. This bagworm structure looks like the Eiffel Tower.


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