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The Leadmill

It’s easy to take for granted some of the best aspects of your city.

Sheffield is a place to be congratulated for its coffee, appreciated for its markets and loved for its stunning scenery and open spaces…plus much, much more.

Here we’ve made a list of some of the most amazing things about Sheffield that we often forget to appreciate.

1. You can eat your sarnies in a giant greenhouse

Winter Gardens

As the largest urban glasshouse in Europe, Sheffield Winter Gardens is basically an enormous temperate greenhouse. To date it houses around 2,000 plants from all over the world, and for most it’s used as a warm, dry place to eat sandwiches or as a way of cutting through the town centre.

2. It’s paradise for theatre lovers and movie buffs

As well as several big name cinemas showing the latest releases, Sheffield also has the Showroom Cinema, an independent, 4-screen cinema which shows art house and cult films, as well as a number of mainstream releases. The city is also home to the largest theatre complex outside of London – The Crucible and the Lyceum; in 2015 the hit Broadway musical of Shrek came for a stint at the Lyceum!

3. The view is worth the effort

Despite the constant hill climbing and thigh-burning you experience in Sheffield, the spectacular views are worth it. One of the best views in the city can be found at the top of South Street Park – just behind the Sheffield train station. It’s a gruelling walk up a series of steps but it’s well worth the effort as the view stretches for miles and features some of the most interesting buildings and landmarks in Sheffield.

4. Tramlines music festival

What are you doing today? Hurry up July because we’d rather be doing THIS! https://t.co/jorsmRvLls #SheffieldIsSuperpic.twitter.com/rBLHU5ct8z

— Tramlines Festival (@tramlines) February 13, 2016

For many Sheffielders old and young, the highlight of the cities calendar has to be Tramlines festival in July. Not many cities can add a full blown festival to their list of attributes but here in Sheffield we get headline acts and famous names in parks across the city for Tramlines weekend.

5. World class snooker is on our doorstep

Every year an army of snooker players, reporters and presenters descends on The Crucible in Sheffield centre for the Snooker World Championship. The matches and all the televised coverage take place on in the city centre. Snooker fans from all over the world travel to the event and it’s right on our doorstep!

6. The great outdoors

Sheffield Crookes Park

Sheffield is a city disguised as a small village in the middle of nowhere. With over two million trees, countless parks and open spaces, it’s so easy to venture out of your door, walk for a couple of minutes and find yourself in a green paradise. You often find that these open spaces are used primarily for people to escape their places of work or study, have a catch up, some dinner and check their emails.

7. The Peak District is a stone’s throw away

Ladybower ReservoirTim Fields /Flickr / CC


It’s a 30 minute drive to the beautiful scenery of Ladybower reservoir out in the Peak District, or 30 minutes by bus to the stunning Chatsworth House – a National Trust property boasting gardens, restaurants, play areas and acres of open grassland and forests. Deep in the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s hard to imagine that it’s such a short distance to the peace and world renowned wonder of the Peaks.

8. There are a lot of markets…

It seems that every few weeks there seems to be a specialist or seasonal market appearing in Sheffield. Sometimes they’ll pop up without warning but some are more anticipated – like the yearly Peddler Night Market, which takes over a part of Arundel Street several times a year with exhibits, stalls, and food galore from amazing local eateries with quirky transport and exotic menus. The sights, the smells, the tastes – fabulous!

9. …and many, many shops

I’m about to have my first Meadowhall experience. Wish me luck!

— Sophie Mills (@EssentialTwenty) February 13, 2016

‘Meadowhell’ is a constant source of argument for those living in and around Sheffield, sometimes it’s a shoppers paradise on your doorstep where you can spend hours checking out the large, high-street retailers and some of the quirkier boutique stores. Other times it’s a heaving mass of busy and frustrated shoppers that are not to be crossed. My advice is just to head there and savour it during the week and avoid it during the weekends.

10. Eccie Road is legendary

Ah, the legendary Ecclesall Road. Definitely one aspect of Sheffield that students and young professionals take for granted in Sheffield. This vibrant and endless road boasts a whole host of independent shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques. Chances are, if you’re meeting somebody hip and cool for a drink after work, or a hand-reared British beef burger with rustic chunky chips cooked three ways and a side of ‘slaw, you’re meeting them on Eccie Road.

11. The city’s proud of its celebrity ties

Watching The Full Monty. Proud to be a Sheffielder. #Sheffield#sheffieldissuper

— Jαde ❃ (@Jadelsia_) February 11, 2016

Sheffielders are proud of the famous faces that have emerged from the hills, including Sean Bean, Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Human League, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and the Makers and many more. Many will also recognise the city as the location for the award-winning movie, The Full Monty.

12. It’s a 24-hour city

As a city with hundreds of thousands of student and young professionals, there’s something highly convenient about Sheffield that’s often overlooked. Fair enough, it’s a city and therefore you expect a high level of convenience – everything at your fingertips, good travel links, etc. But Sheffield really excels itself when it comes to keeping moving at all times – there are 24 hour shops, gyms, fast food restaurants, take-aways and

13. Nightlife

The LeadmillKevin Wells / Flickr / CC

It’s not all about Eccie Road! Sheffield city centre boasts a whole host of bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. This can seriously influence students and young people before they make the choice to settle in Sheffield – who doesn’t love The Leadmill right? And let’s not forget about the magnificence of Corp.

14. The Pram Man

Sheffield’s John Burkhill aka “The man with the Pram” speaking to @BBCSheffield earlier on Ringinglow Rd #yorkshalfpic.twitter.com/PI60NJ1R6z

— Peter Spencer (@_PeterSpencer) April 12, 2015

A local legend, this wonderful man roams the streets of Sheffield from day-to-day with a pram and a green wig in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. In 2013, he was awarded a British Empire Medal for raising more than £200,000 for the charity. John Burkhill is a hero in Sheffield, who brings a smile to all who see him, catching sight of him during the day is definitely something people in Sheffield take for granted, he’s always out there raising as much as he can.

15. The Peace Gardens


This city centre open space features fewer plants and more grass, and a whole load of water. The Peace Garden fountains draw out children and adults alike – especially in the warmer weather, to sit on the grass areas, play and splash in the fountains and enjoy some relaxation right there in the centre of the city. With year round events and visitors such as the Coca Cola Christmas Truck and the Sheffield Seaside team, it’s often a place to catch a sit-down for 10 minutes with a coffee and always a place worth visiting.

16. Sheffield Real Ale Trail

Today’s mission with @technophobe_, mum & dad. Sheffield Ale Trail courtesy of @faveplacespic.twitter.com/0PxF1d0hVt

— Hannah Black (@Hannah_Black_) December 28, 2015

Definitely worth a mention is the ale trail in Sheffield. It features some sublime watering holes, including the Howard – situated right next to the train station it’s a hotspot for real ale drinkers. Also worth a visit on the trail is The Old Queen’s Head – the oldest recorded domestic building in Sheffield which is thought to date back to 1582.

17. Need a coffee? Not a problem in Sheffield

Hands down Sheffield has some of the best places for coffee in the UK. And I’m not just talking about Starbucks and Costa. It’s easy to take places like Tamper Coffee and the Steamyard for granted – you pop in on your way somewhere, you nip out of the office to sneak a quick coffee back to your desk, you meet someone for a drink and a bite to eat, they’re right in the city centre and smell so good when you walk past!

18. Kelham Island

Kelham Island Industrial MuseumDncnH  /  Flickr  /  CC

This location gained popularity once its regeneration began. With real ale pubs, a brewery museum, offices and student digs all around, it’s a popular spot for drinking, relaxing and exploring for students and young professionals in Sheffield. It’s easy to over-use the cracking pubs and nightlife at the Island.

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Main photo: Kevin Wells / Flickr / CC

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