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Consciousness is constantly evolving. As beings we are always expanding or contracting in relation to the universe around us. In expansion, we understand more and this understanding fuels compassion and brings focus to intent. In contraction we give into fear and build up our egos to cushion our falls. Everyone’s path will take them a different route then others but the basic ideas behind putting one foot in front of the other are the same for everyone. Here are three signs that you are expanding your consciousness.

You have Let Go Of ‘You’

‘You’ is an agreed upon concept, between the people in your life and the ‘true’, and is strongly influenced by society. The true you is a point of reference that exists within infinity. The agreement that society uses as a reference point is but a part of the sum of who and what you truly are. It is very much like a photograph of a tree. Your name, likes, dislikes, sexuality, desires, fears and other aspects attributed to the entity referred to as ‘you’ are like that picture of the tree. The photo is a more accessible, more easily conceptually manipulated, representation of the tree. The tree is so much more than what can be shown is a two dimensional expression of this three dimensional organism. The photograph doesn’t let us feel the bark, smell the leaves, or appreciate the shade on a hot day.  So to the entity and ego of ‘you’ doesn’t allow us to see your mother’s love, the strength in your heart or roaring sea of thoughts in your mind.


In order for us to continually see the universe in different ways, comprehend the never-ending connections we must grow. The only way we grow is through the expansion of the reference point that we are. We expand and actively contain more ‘space’ in which more can be viewed differently. But as humans we can only understand so much of infinity, so we embody and express the smallest of percentages. Even so there are uncountable seeds of growth within us, and that can not be readily expressed in the picture of society’s agreement. This growth changes what is expressed in the photograph. As the tree grows and gets more leaves and weathers storms, the photo reflects that. Making the photo itself bigger or smaller, putting a filter on it or drawing on it, does nothing for the tree itself. ‘You’ have learned to step out of societies definition to embrace all possibilities.

You Understand How We Are All One

You, the reader, a person I have never met before are the same as my sister. You are my brother, my ex, my friend’s uncle’s best friend’s cat. I mean to say that while we are all distinct parts of the whole, we are all part of that sum. We are all reference points beyond simple definitions in the same spectrum of infinity. You have realized this and now it is not hard to say I love you to strangers or want to hug anyone you meet. I might not recommend that, as most folks wouldn’t know what to make of it. The interconnectivity of it all makes it hard to hate your neighbor because you do not hate your self. This understanding negates the hate you used to have for yourself, as you can recognize a monk in your self.

You Have Lost Interest In Destructive Habits

Understanding and knowing what you do now, you have broken the cycle of daily suffering. sure you may get in a rut occasionally, or loose your temper, but in the end you readily come back to a place of compassion and productivity. You are still a person so you experience emotions as your heart pumps them out. Through this understanding you recognize the the root causes of self destructive patterns. Love can solve so many issues.

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