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8 reasons why a guy who wear glasses is probably the best boyfriend ever

8 reasons why a guy who wear glasses is probably the best boyfriend ever

Are you a guy and wear glasses? If so, congrats: you might just be a guy that every girl is looking forward to hook up with. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve a pair of black thick rimmed army-style glasses or a frameless one—you just rule when you wear a pair of glasses, and here’re why.

Nerd is the new hot thing
Just look at Korea. Or specifically, Running Man. The most popular member is no doubt Yoo Jae-suk, and how does he look? Nerdy. Gone are the days when Clark Kent is not well-liked by girls—today, nerd is the new hot thing.

You’ll look more intelligent
Well, girls like having a guy who is intelligent, right? It doesn’t matter whether you’re intelligent or not; what matter is that you look intelligent. Sometimes, girls need you as a vase for their friends.


Girls like a nerdy man with a fit body
Come on, girls, admit it: a teacher-like bodybuilder is your man. It’s the same idea as guys who like a sexy girl who wear glasses.

You’ll be loved by your girlfriend’s parents
There’s just something about this formula: glasses = studious = good man. It’s already a rule in society, so getting approval from her parents is as easy as just being short-sightedness.

You can have different looks on different occasions
One day, you can be the studious guy and the next, you can be the hip-hop dancer simply by removing your glasses. Girls like a man with multiple styles!

You’re protected from the wind
Imagine you and your girlfriend are walking in a windy place. Your glasses will protect you as you lead the girl to safety. How cool is that?

A man with glasses and sweats is hot
Girls, don’t you just agree?

You look rich
Take a look at the few richest men in the world. Now, you understand?

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