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Her Husband Nails Chairs To The Wall. She Thinks It’s Crazy, But Then She Sees Why…


Are you looking to buy new furniture? Maybe a new shelf or a new lamp? Well, before you start online shopping or window shopping for these items, why not see if you can save yourself money by upcycling.

Upcycling is a new trend that is starting to gain momentum. It’s known as creative reuse, and the idea is to transform unused and unwanted products and materials into something useful. Think of it as a creative adventure. The sky is the limit when it comes to upcycling, and here at Shareably, we have seen some ideas and creations that we would have never thought was possible. For example, we have featured creative ways to reuse empty toilet paper rolls or old window door shutters on Shareably in the past.

We have compiled some of our favorite upcycling hacks in this post. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Create a neat ‘hat lamp’

If you find an old-fashioned top hat lying around your house, then try this out. Create a unique lighting fixture that is both classy and useful!


Mini closet using folding chairs

Hang old wooden folding chairs on the wall. When you unfold them, they provide very useful shelf space as well as a rod to hang clothes. Personally, I use this to help hang-dry clothes after I wash them!


Create bookshelf using old books

If you happen to not know what to do with a few books, then try to nail them to the wall so that you can create a bookshelf with a book. Nifty, right?


Wrench Coat Hanger

Turn a beat-up and disfigured wrench into a useful coat hanger.


Wine Bottle Lamps

Don’t just throw away your empty wine bottles after you’ve enjoyed some nice vino. Reuse it and light up your world!


Wine Bottle Chandelier

But if you happen to a serious wine drinker, then try a chandelier rather than a few lamps.


Bottle cap candles

Save the leftover wax from burned out candles and re-melt them into bottle caps. Then purchase some cheap wicks online and wah-lah, you have just created a few more candles!


Light bulb oil lamp

Burnt out light bulbs can still emit light. Transform them into oil lamps.


Drum Set Chandelier

Hollow out an old drum set and create an incredible chandelier that will rock your guests’ world.


Skateboard play table

Remove the wheels from used, beat-up skateboards and create a table that’s perfect for arts and crafts and other messy activities.



Piano Book SHelf

This one is not as feasible as the others, but you have to admit, it looks awesome!


Bicycle Sink

An old bicycle provides a resourceful platform for the sink, flowers/decorations, and soap to stand on. The basket is great for hand towels.


Bathtub couch

Now this will have your friends talking.


Suitcase chair

Turn an old suitcase into a nice, comfy chair. It’s perfect for pets!


Rainbow Room Divider

Plastic coat hangers can be stacked on top of each other to create a color room divider


Color TV Aquarium

Find a vintage TV box set and transform it into an aquarium. This is so cool!


Tennis Racket Mirrors

Remove the strings from old tennis rackets and add a mirror to them.


Bagel Lunch Box

An old CD case is perfect as a lunch box for bagels and other circular foods.


Soda bottle broom

If you love soda, then try this!


Toilet Roll Cable Organizer

Use empty toilet paper rolls as organizers for all the cable clutter around your TV and computers.


Old Credit Card Guitar Picks

Credit cards make for the perfect guitar picks. This is great, regardless of your credit score!


What did you think? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!

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