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If You Like Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Your Mind Is About to Be Blown!

Mozzarella Shots HeaderRumble

When it comes to party-ready cheeses, mozzarella is king. The gooey favorite is a perfect addition to just about any dish, and absolutely delicious all on its own, making things like mozzarella sticks a perennial favorite no matter how old you are. This latest idea is all grown-up: shooters! Deep-fried, marinara-filled shooters, that is, and they’re actually really easy to make at home. Check it out!



You’ll Need
– 1 block mozzarella
– All-purpose flour
– Egg wash
– Bread crumbs
– Marinara sauce
– Oil, for deep-frying

How To

What a great appetizer! What do you think of these mozzarella shooters? Have you ever had anything like them before?

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