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The cause of pain in the knees is the cartilage! Natural regeneration of cartilage WITH ONLY ONE food!

Beside many salads and desserts, and besides it is very simple to prepare, gelatin has another advantage – it is an outstanding natural cure for cartilage regeneration in the knee, hip and other joints. In fact, studies have shown that consumption of this food can significantly help in the regeneration of cartilage, because it has a similar chemical structure.

kolenoDamaged cartilage in the knee, can make us big problems, and worsen quality of life – so eat gelatin for cartilage daily, because apart from the run of joints it will take part in the regeneration of joints.

The optimum amount is 10 grams per day, and regular consumption can prevent the unpleasant symptoms of osteoarthritis.


It is rich in proteins, has the 10 essential amino acids, among others, proline and hydroxyproline, which help in the regeneration of muscle tissue.

Another advantage is the fact that the gelatin has neither fat nor cholesterol, which is not the case with most foods rich in protein. In addition, it is very rich in collagen, substance that participates in the construction of tissues, bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage

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