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9 Craziest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Just Might Be True?

There is no shortage of crazy conspiracy theories about some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Some of these seem too left-field to be believed, yet maybe they are just crazy enough to be true!

Countless out-there stories circulate the Internet every day, covering everything from allegedly faked pregnancies and deaths to secret CIA and government ties.

Here are 10 of the craziest celebrity conspiracies out there. These couldn’t possibly be true…could they?

Click through the slideshow above, and continue reading to get the details and then tell us what you think!

Miley Cyrus Died Years Ago and Now There is a Miley 2.0

Internet conspiracy theorists believe that Miley Cyrus’ body was found in a desert years ago. To cover it up, they say that Disney actually replaced the former child star with another actress, who they surgically enhanced to look more like Miley.

There is no hard evidence to support this, apart from some photoshopped together now-and-then photos circulating the Internet. The news story was briefly picked up in 2010 by a news site, who later retracted the report.

Britney Spears’ Meltdown was Manufactured by the Bush Administration

In 2007 Britney Spears had a rough year. It seemed as she made headlines one right after the other with bizarre behaviors—including shaving her head—like she was having some kind of meltdown.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the whole thing was staged by the Bush administration to deflect publicity away from any major political PR disasters.

Keanu Reeves is Immortal

Fans of the actor have compiled images of famous portraits dating back to the 1500s, and photos of Keanu over more recent decades and come to the conclusion that the actor never ages—and may in fact be immortal.


Nicholas Cage is a Vampire

Theorists have a similar theory about Nicholas Cage, citing old black and white photographs to prove his agelessness.

Beyonce Is Solange’s Real Mom, Not Her Sister

Beyonce and her sister Solange are supposed to be only five years apart in age, however for some reason there is a rumor that pops up every now and again that claims Solange is actually Queen Bey’s first child.

The rumor first popped up in a friend-of-a-friend’s roommate type situation. Someone on the Internet claimed that one of Beyonce’s own cousins shared the scandalous gossip.

Beyonce Was Never Pregnant with Blue Ivy

During Beyonce’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy, incriminating shots seemingly show a folded over fake pregnancy belly as she bends to sit in a chair. The photo immediately went viral and sparked rumors that Beyonce was never pregnant and Blue Ivy was born via surrogate

Adding fuel to the conspiracy, Beyonce seemed to bounce back and get her pre-baby body back in a suspiciously short amount of time.

Tupac Is Still Alive

Famous rapper Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in 1996. Despite this, there are still reports from people who claim to have seen him out and about, very much alive. Many people firmly believe that Tupac actually faked his own death.

A lot of the Tupac-is-alive speculation based on the sightings, and claims that his body was cremated less than 24 hours after his death in an attempt to hide any evidence that his death was faked.

Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the CIA

Marilyn Monroe’s tragically young death was officially chalked up to an overdose, but theorists believe that a sinister CIA murder was really at play. The conspiracy goes that because of Marilyn’s close ties to the Kennedy family, she was privy to government secrets.

The CIA felt they couldn’t risk her drunkenly spilling them and decided to take her out—permanently. She also was rumored to have Communist ties, which could also make her a prime target for the CIA.

Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson Were Actually the Same Person

Finally, one popular conspiracy about the Jackson family is that Michael Jackson and his sister LaToya are actually the same person. Even though there are definitely photographs of the two siblings together at the same time, for some reason this rumor still gets traction every once in a while.

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