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Aliens Are Real, And These 9 Photos Prove You’re Stupid If You Disagree

1. This enormous skeleton could be one of three things: Bigfoot, a giant, or an alien. My money’s on alien.

There’s no way this is either photoshop or forced perspective, because science. I can’t prove it completely, but I’ve got a feeling this is the skeleton of our enormous alien ancestors who colonized the planet millennia ago, which all true alien enthusiasts like L. Ron Hubbard know came down from space and mated with the dinosaurs.That’s where we came from.

2. The mysterious hole in this cliff face.

While the average fool might say something like, “Um, that’s a cave. It’s a natural geological formation. They’re pretty much everywhere,” I pose this question to you: aliens?

3. This mysterious burning object about to crash-land on Earth’s surface.

Maybe it’s just a meteor (this photo totally wasn’t altered though), but have you asked yourself what kind of extraterrestrial creature could have strapped a saddle on that thing and ridden it down to earth’s surface?

4. This enormous skeleton found on an archeological dig. You can see that the skeleton’s hands are wrapped around its neck, as if it were choking.

I think we’ve got a classic alien murder mystery on our hand here, folks.

5. Too obvious.

Aliens. Not even close to being fake in the slightest.

6. This giant skull is so un-fake, it’s ridiculous.

Like, come on. It’s totally real. Look how perfectly the perspective matches up and how seamlessly it integrates into the photo. So seamlessly. It definitely wasn’t the work of some shitty photoshop artist. My guess? Aliens.

7. Just feast your eyes on the holes in this cliff face. They’re like pipes running through the mountain.

So I think we can all agree that these are definitely pipes laid by aliens to drain our Earth of its precious Earth-blood and there’s absolutely ZERO chance that they’re “fossil trees or tree roots.”

8. This 100% real photo of either a planet far, far away or a secret place located somewhere inside the earth’s core (you know, where the aliens live).

No chance whatsoever this is the effort of a talented illustrator or photoshop artist. Unless that illustrator/photoshop artist WAS AN ALIEN!!!!!! Just look at those two beings in space suits. I suppose theres a small chance that they aren’t aliens and are actually NASA astronauts–but I’d say it’s safer to assume it’s all just aliens.

9. This photo from the Great Alien War of 1978.

Remember that time the aliens invaded Earth? Me neither, BECAUSE IT WAS COVERED UP BY NASA. Anywho, this shows the aliens attacking our naval fleet. Prettttyyyy spooky if you ask me.


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