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How To Consume World’s Healthiest Ingredient, Garlic, And Avoid Its Unpleasant Smell

Garlic is known as one of the most healthy ingredients in the world, but is not eaten by a lot of people because of the smell. Here is how to get the benefits of garlic and none of the scent.

Garlic is healthiest when it is raw and if it’s chopped and crushed several minutes before consumption.

And left like that on the air in order for it to create the corresponding chemical elements primary allicin. The garlic prepared like this is healthiest but at the same time creates maximum unpleasant odor.

Close up of purple garlic bunch

But don’t worry!!!  There is a way to consume garlic and enjoy its benefits without smelling bad. Follow carefully our instructions:


Things needed:

Small amount of homegrown garlic


Separate the garlic into cloves, put a few of them into a glass of water and let them soak for about 20 minutes.
Then, remove them from the water and peel off the outer layer.
Be sure not to damage the cloves.
Takes these cloves with water as you would a pill. This will give you all the same benefits you would get from eating garlic any other way without forcing you to endure the smell.

This can even help reduce sickness if you aren’t feeling all that well. Garlic will cleanse your blood vessels, lower blood pressure, cleanse your liver and so much more! I highly recommend eating few cloves of garlic a day, it will do your body good!

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