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How To Prevent Paradentosis?!

The problem of inflamed gingiva which leads to paradentosis if not treated is one of the most frequent of modern illnesses. Since long ago it has been known that problems with inflammation of gingiva and the presence of bacteria can seriously impact the health of organisms as well as causing loss of teeth. This problem is being taken more seriously these days.

Swelling, redness, bleeding of the gums is a sign of gingivitis, i.e. inflammation and if not treated it can lead to parandentosis, i.e. withdrawal of gingiva, loss of bone structure and in the end, loss of teeth.



A little dried ginger put in mouth and smear it with tongue gently on the palates.

Do this every day after every meal, especially if you have not had the opportunity to immediately wash the teeth. Ensure that you use ginger after you wash your teeth and in the evenings before bed.

It disinfects the mucous, cleans and strengthens the gums. You will have fresher breath, and in the gums will not bleed in the morning.

This can be an effective remedy for ulcers too.

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