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She Spray-Paints Used Keurig Coffee Cups For One ADORABLE Reason — I Want To Try!

Kim started with some old pallet wood she had lying around.

Pallets can usually be acquired cheaply (or for free!) and form the base of lots of great DIY projects.

For this one, Kim cut three pieces of pallet into the size that she wanted for her sign.

For the next step, Kim used a wood stain to give the pieces a darker color.

Any old stain will do, since it’s just a way to give some pop to the colors that will be added later.

While the stain was drying, Kim spray-painted her K-Cups a bright yellow color.


The cups were for the center of her daffodil. Kim used five cups, but you could choose as many or as few as your sign’s size would allow.

Next, it was time to make the flower petals out of paper.

Kim explained: “I cut out some flower petals out of cardstock. I could have done this step with my Silhouette machine but my lazy girl genes kicked in and I just used scissors.”

Drawing the shapes weren’t that hard since they were basically rounded, five-point stars.

Kim then bent the flower petals out to give them a more three-dimensional look, and laid them out on the board in a nice arrangement.

Kim cut some stems and leaves out of green vinyl and stuck them to the board as well.

She said: “Vinyl doesn’t stick well to the rough stained wood so I made sure to press it down really well.”

Finally, she used hot glue to attach the card stock and the K-Cups to the board.

Aren’t the bright green and yellow flowers charming against the dark background?

Kim wrote: “I can’t wait to incorporate it into my spring mantel!”

Where would you like to display this cute spring sign? Tell us in the comments.

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