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You Should Never Reheat These Foods! You Might Get Poisoned!

The fast pace of life reflects also in the food we eat. We often have to reheat already prepared food, a practice that should be avoided when it comes to products which become toxic during the process. During the reheating some products change their structure, lose their nutritional properties, and even become toxic.

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It is best to eat the mushrooms right after preparing them, and if there is some of them left, it is better to consume them cold. Same goes for the soups, stews and risottos with mushrooms. During their reheating it comes to a change in the properties of proteins and even in the taste of the food itself. They can then cause different digestive problems, and lose their health benefits.
The change in the structure of proteins that takes place during the reheating of mushrooms applies for the meat as well. Thus, reheating at high temperatures is not recommended, especially when it comes to chicken meat which contains more proteins than red meat. If you still decide to do so, better reheat the meat at lower temperatures and for a longer time.
Potatoes are a highly-nutritional food which should not be reheated because it then loses most of its properties, and even becomes toxic. Eat it immediately after preparation or cold, when the percentage of starch in it is highest (and starch itself is the main reason we feel full). If you are preparing food for a few days in advance separate the potato and cook it additionally.

The spinach is a food with a high percentage of nitrates, which with reheating become nitrites. They can cause cancer in the human organism, and that’s why it is highly advised for the spinach to be eaten exclusively fresh, that is, right after cooking.
Beets also contain nitrates which with reheating become extremely harmful. This does not mean that you cannot eat beets the day after, but only that you should not reheat them.

Celery, which is usually used for soups, should always be taken out after the cooking, along with the carrot. It also contains nitrates. You can heat the soup if you have previously removed the celery and the carrot.
Eggs are a highly risky food for reheating. It is a food which also becomes toxic during the exposure to high temperature. This does not apply to the dishes where eggs are mixed in sauces, like béchamel, but to dishes with cooked or baked eggs like moussaka.

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