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10 Activities That are Better Baked

Some things are just better when high. Scratch that—most things are better when high. Here are just a few of our favorite activities.

1. Riding a bicycle. 

Photo credit: Unsplash

Baked biking is the best stoner-mode of transportation. From the rustling of wind on your face to the exhilarating feeling of plummeting down a hill, baked biking is a magical experience.

Pro tip: Explore without an end destination—maybe you’ll stumble upon a new smoke spot.

2. Star gazing/cloud watching.

Photo credit: Kris Williams

Whether you make this a solo activity, a romantic activity or a group activity, you’ll come away with something new each time you do it. While this is a fun activity sober, you’ll find a more creative side comes out when you try it baked. All of the clouds either look like your great aunt Martha or a giraffe, and Orion’s Belt actually looks like a bag of popcorn—who knows what you will see next.

3. Listening to music.

Photo credit: Pet Advisor

There’s something about listening to music while baked that makes you hear the song in a whole other way. You can listen to a song 100 times sober and like it, but when you listen to it after a few tokes, you’ll find a whole new appreciation for it. Katy Perry’s California Girls might just become your new life anthem or inspiration.

4. Nature walks.

Nature, or ‘Neature’ as Lenny Pepperbottom likes to call it, is just awesome. Whether it’s a stroll through the woods with your canna-buddies or even a hike, the great outdoors is enjoyed even more with some natural green.

Pro tip: If you’re wondering how much fun neature could be, watch this videoimmediately.

5. Video Games.

This stereotypical stoner activity is a classic for a reason. Whether you’re an action, FPS, RPG, strategy or turn based game player, it always gets better with a little bit of cannabis. Don’t want to stress about your KDR? Have a toke.

Pro tip: The only time we’re cool with driving while baked is on the screen. Our favorite? Rainbow Road on Mario Kart 64.


6. Sex.

Photo credit: dirty-littlesecrets7

This one is obvious—sex while baked is better. It takes two of the best things in the world (sex and marijuana) and combines them into this “extra feels” love sesh.

Pro tip: Just don’t smoke so much that you both (or you all) are too lazy/giggly/uncoordinated that you can’t make sparks fly.

7. Learning/playing an instrument.

Photo credit: risa ikeda

Watch your stage fright or frustration fly away in a puff of smoke. Creative juices flow faster than the Red Nile when playing an instrument while high. It allows you to become one with your instrument and feel the music on a deeper level. Let the music come to you—inhibition free.

Pro tip: Try banging out a new song or an epic solo while baked. Guaranteed you will create something solid gold (or at least solid gold while you are high).

8. Philosophizing.

With a little bit of weed, even the quietest person in the room can start indulging in Platonic rhetoric. With a range of meaningful questions and debates such as, “Does god exist?”, “What comes after death? or “Which Doritos flavor is actually the best Doritos flavor?”

Pro tip: The answer to the last question is clearly Sweet Chili Heat.

9. Eating. Everything.

Photo credit: Maggie

Another obvious one is eating. Food is already awesome—throw in a solid smoke sesh and eating a french fry transports you to another level of existence.

Pro tip: Grilled cheese. That is all.

10. Showering.

Photo credit: Ollyy

One of the best things about showering while baked is that the water seems to hug you like a long lost friend. Why not combine all of them? Just imagine: smoking the best joint you have ever rolled, followed by a philosophical shower while eating a Subway sandwich and playing along to California Girls on a banjo, all while having sex. Best shower ever?

Pro tip: Clearly baked showers aren’t always the most productive—don’t forget to actually wash yourself.

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