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10 Dance and EDM Tracks About Weed You Need to Hear!

10 dope tracks 10 Dance and EDM Tracks About Weed You Need to Hear!Photo credit

Woot! Woot! Dance and electronic music are dope and that’s why we’ve rounded up 10 whole tracks for you to check out and listen to all about weed. This list is only for the headstrong, so pull out your poi and let’s get our groove on as we dig these tracks across all genres of the dance music scene!

1. Matroda – “Chronic”

If you like fresh electronic music this one is a “big room” track from Matroda. He’s a Serbian DJ/producer and this track was released on Spinnin’ Records– only the biggest dance label in the world as we currently know it.

2. Panda Eyes – “Weed N Fries”

This is a talented young producer from Switzerland. The Urban dictionary says Panda Eyes are “when a girl wearing mascara has a shower and it causes her eyes to look dark like a Panda.”

3. Marky Style – “Weed Smoker”

Marky Style is an independent electronic music producer based in Los Angeles.

4. DJ Sneak – “Marijuana”

DJ Sneak is originally from Puerto Rico, but calls Chicago, the city of legendary house music, his home. This disco filtered house track loops and loops and then there’s an eerie sample about marijuana drug smuggling. It’s from 2008 and from the label Houseguest Music.


5. Lords of Acid- “Marijuana in Your Brain”

This one’s an oldie but goodie from the 1990’s. Lords of Acid is a Belgian/American industrial techno act with Maurice Engelen (aka Praga Khan) and Mea Fisher (aka DJ Méa).

6. Dual Insanix – “Marijuana (Original Mix)”

Dual Insanix is a psy-trance DJ and musician from Brazil. This track is released by Speedsound and Kontor Media.

7. Candy – “Burning Marijuana”

Candy is a talented Drum n Bass Head and remixer and he has many EDM releases to his credit. He is represented by French label Znootpoch Recordings among others.

8. Point.Blank – “Smoke Marijuana”

A filthy dubstep producer from Belgium who’s blowin’ up. This track was released by Borgore’s label Buygore.

9. Cabal – “Marijuana”

CABAL is Progressive Psytrance and they’ve released over 40 tracks on labels like Spintwist, Iono, Blue Tunes, YSE, Audioalchemists, Savva, Prog On Syndicate, Audioload, Plusquam and more.

10. Respect the Voices – “Weed!”

Respect the Voices is the hip hop duo Voz 11 and Know Respek from Colorado. They’ve opened for national touring acts Naughty By Nature, 2Mex and Aceyalone. They use a unique back and forth style similar to Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. This track is about different strains of weed.

Have you a favourite track about weed that we missed? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments section below.

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