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10 Household Hacks That Will Help to Simplify Your Life

1. Keep your headphones detangled by wrapping them around a cork

2. Instead of spending a few frustrating minutes trying to thread a needle, spray the thread with hairspray so you can put it right through the eye of the needle.

3. Clean greasy oven knobs by putting them in your dishwasher with your utensils

4. Slow down the ripening process by wrapping the stems of bananas in tin foil


5. Get little bits of eggshell out out of the bowl using the rest of the shell.

6. Wrap rubber bands around your nail polishes to make opening the bottles a lot easier

7. If you’ve ever broken a hanger, you can repurpose the clip to seal bags of food.

8. If you’re out of dryer sheets, you can use aluminum foil to get your clothes static free.

9. Use a bobby pin to mark the loose end of a roll of tape

10. If you need to open a key ring, but don’t want to chip your fresh manicure, a staple remover should do the trick.

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