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5 Things That Introverted People Wish Others Understood About Them


Being an introverted type of person isn’t always easy.  Our peers who are not introverted sometimes have a difficult time understanding that alone time is just as valuable (if not more so) as social time.  Introverts are often the ones who like that alone time to reflect on their thoughts, emotions, and feelings, and are typically socially selective.  Here are 5 things that introverts wish their extroverted peers understood about them:

Being introverted doesn’t always mean that you’re shy or socially awkward – Introverts gain their energy from spending time alone.  While some introverts have the socially awkward trait, it does not mean that all of us do.  Usually we’re pretty good at socializing and getting stuff done, but we need our alone time to recharge and reflect on the happenings of life.


Introverts don’t like being around other people 24/7 – To the extroverted social butterfly this trait can seem entirely alien.  Even the thought of being around a ton of other people is draining for introverts.  Hanging out with large groups of people for extended periods of time is not on the list of an introvert’s favorite things.

Introverts usually don’t speak very much – This trait is often misinterpreted as introverts not liking to socialize or talk a lot, but in actuality, introverts don’t feel the need to speak unless they feel they have something to add to what’s being said.  Being quiet while observing is what we like to do, which will sometimes put off the vibe that we’re stand-offish, but we really just don’t speak unless we feel that it’s important.

Introverts have few friends – When it comes to friends, quality over quantity is what matters for the introvert.  People who are part of large friend groups can have a hard time understanding that having a few close friends rather than a bunch of acquaintances is preferable for introverts.

Large crowds can be overwhelming – Large crowds and having to being among these large crowds for long periods of time is exhausting.  Our extroverted counterparts often thrive in these environments, but the introverts do not.

Whether you’re introverted or not, these five things are a good place to start bridging the gap between the two dichotomies.

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