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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Celery – Reasons Why Celery Are Extremely Vital To Your Health

From classical times to the Middle Ages, celery was used as a medicinal plant to treat toothache, insomnia, gout, rheumatism, anxiety and arthritis.


A vegetable used in various soup and salads as garnishing, celery is also eaten as a healthy snack or taken as a nutritional juice or tea.

A member of Apiaceaefamily, celery (scientific name: Apium graveolensis) is a vegetable that originated in North African and Mediterranean It is now grown across the globe and is used primarily in American, Irish, Japanese and Australian cuisines. Celery has a lot of health and nutritional benefits to offer.

Celery has anti-cancer compounds such as acetylenics which is studied to halt tumor cell growth. Phenolic acids which stop the tumor growth by blocking prostaglandins and lastly, coumarins which prevents cell damage by blocking the harmful free radicals. In addition, celery has flavonoids, polyacytelenes and phthalidesare, which are believed to eliminate the free radicals in the body.

Celery assists in the prevention of constipation with its natural laxative effect that likewise eases nerve tensions. It helps in promoting a regular bowel movement, with its 2.10g or 5.5% daily-recommended value of dietary fiber.

Celery juice normalizes body temperature as it also lowers bad cholesterol level in the body. At the same time it has properties that promote a balanced blood PH level.

Celery helps eliminate toxins and aids the kidney in prevention of stone formation; it also has diuretic effect that cleanses the urinary tract system. It has a sufficient amount of potassium that has a vasodilation property which aids in lowering abnormally high blood pressures.

With the help of other helpful antioxidants and high vitamin C content found in celery, immune system is boosted more efficiently and actively. Colds and cough can be avoided if celery is incorporated in the diet regularly. This is because vitamin C, along with other antioxidants, builds up wall to block infectious agents and diseases.

Celery holds an excellent amount of vitamin K, at 24% DV, which is vital to normalize blood clotting. Just like vitamin K, celery is loaded with 15% DV of vitamin A, an essential component for vision.


High calcium content found in celeries, with 40mg or 4% DV, gives calming effect in the nervous system as well as helps in strengthening of the bones. It helps prevent bone damage and other bone related problems.

Eating or drinking celery fills the stomach easily, thus this vegetable is best for diet conscious because it has a very low amount of calories, with 16 calories for every 100 grams, yet has a very high vitamin and mineral content.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Celery

Normalizes Blood Pressure

Celery has the ability to reduce blood pressure into an acceptably normal level. Celery contains all-natural compounds called Pthalides that eliminates stress in the bloodstream. It is important that veins and blood vessels are relaxed for the blood to circulate properly. These Pthalides that celery has provides space in the blood vessels so that blood will have more room to circulate. It is vital to keep blood pressure normal because if it is high it triggers the condition of the heart. High blood pressure affects heart functions and can lead to heart ailments and dysfunction for example, atherosclerosis, stroke, or worst heart attack.

Manages Cholesterol Levels

Regular consumption of celery has effective cholesterol lowering effects. If you always eat celery, LDL cholesterol in the body is reduced. LDL cholesterol primarily causes cholesterol oxidation that negatively affects the condition of the heart. Because celery is rich in Pthalides, secretion of bile juice is stimulated. Bile juices help in reducing cholesterol in the body. In addition, celery is also abundant in fiber that cleanses the bloodstream from cholesterol. Consuming celery significantly benefits the body especially the heart for its optimal functionality.

Boosts Immune System

Celery is very rich in Vitamin C that is a very strong antioxidant. Vitamin C is essential in strengthening the immune system. The more you indulge in foods concentrated with Vitamin C, the healthier you will be. Vitamin C boosts the body’s defense against sickness. Your body will be able to fight off irregularities that lead to diseases on its own. Consuming celery will keep your body protected from flu, cold, infections, cough, and other types of diseases.

Stimulates Urination

Celery is popular of its diuretic properties. Its consumption helps in eliminating body’s uric acids which is good for those who have dysfunction in the kidney and bladder. Since celery stimulates urination, it also helps in avoiding infection in the urinary tract especially in women. Celery is a good detoxifying agent because it removes toxins in the kidney and bladder.

Protects and Maintains the Joints

Eating celery is advised to those who experience problems with their joints like arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. This is because of the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in celery. It is able to soothe the joints and reduce swelling that causes pain. Celery also eliminates uric acid accumulation surrounding the joints that also causes discomfort and pain. This vegetable assures that tissues in the joints are healthy and repaired when damaged.

Reduces Risks of Cancer

Celery contains very strong antioxidants called flavanoids, phthalides, and polyacetylenes. These properties detoxify the body removing carcinogens that encourage growth of cancer cells. This vegetable also has coumarins that assure healthy white blood cell function thus thwarting off possibilities of cancer. Cancer is primarily caused by free radicals and the only way to eliminate them is through the activation of antioxidants in the body. Free radicals are suppressed by regular intake of celery.

Promotes Weight Loss

Celery has very effective impact on losing weight. Studies have shown that drinking the extract of celery before and after meals shreds off excess fats in the body. This is because celery is very low in calories and also because of its richness in fiber. Intake of celery boosts satiety that will make you feel full for hours. Further food intake will be regulated because it is rich in fiber that suppresses hunger. Adding celery to your low-calorie diet will surely show effective and instant results.

Excellent Source of Electrolytes

Celery juice is highly recommended for athletes and those who are engaged in intense physical activities. This is because celery hydrates the body and replenishes its electrolyte levels. Drinking the extract of celery give you energy all throughout your game or activity. This will also assure that you will still have sufficient amount of electrolytes afterwards. Electrolytes are your source of energy. It is important that you always consume foods that will hydrate and replenish your body’s electrolyte levels so that you will feel energetic even after your body is drained and tired due to intense physical activities.

Assists the Functions of the Nervous System

Celery is found to contain high levels of alkaline that support proper functioning of the nervous system. Alkaline has calming and de-stressing effects. If you are having a hard time retaining your focus, or going to sleep, or thinking straight, you might need to have a glass of celery juice to feel better. It has been proven that celery juice also help in stress management, depression, and anxiety issues.

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