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After calling Trump a “fraud,” Romney is PRAYING you won’t see this…

I am only speaking for myself (Michele Hickford) at this moment, but I would be surprised if I’m the only one feeling this way.

Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump this morning exemplified everything I can’t stand about politics in America right now. We make great hot dogs in this country, but it truly is repulsive watching them being made.

Whether or not you agree with Romney’s assertions about Trump, your skin has to crawl with the pure hypocrisy of it all.


Remember way back in 2012 when Romney was the GOP candidate for president? He was so very happy to receive an endorsement from The Donald then. And listen to how he piled it on.

The bullsh*t accolades start at about the two-minute mark.

Mitt says, “Having his endorsement is a delight. Donald Trump has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to demonstrate how this company works, to create jobs for the American people…he understands our economy is facing threats from abroad…I spent my life in the private sector…not quite as successful as this guy (Trump).”

But fast-forward to now and Romney leaps out of GOP establishment obscurity to heap criticism on the popular outsider who has captured the anger, frustration and passion of the country, calling him a fraud and a phony.

He really thinks this is going to help? Let the voices of the voters be heard, dammit.

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