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Attention! Do Not Mix These Household Products They Can Kill You

You may believe you are making something so brilliant by combining diverse household cleaners, yet it is really very unsafe. There are a few things you most likely have in your cleaning stash that ought to never be consolidated. These combos make harmful vapor that can bring about genuine harm — which is the exact opposite thing anybody needs while scouring the toilet. Be protected and keep the accompanying cleaning products far from one another.

Never combine these household products:

Two different cleaners 

This is really dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Each cleaner has its specific purpose and such combinations can do more harm than good.

Bleach and alcohol

Combination of bleach and alcohol is one of the most dangerous combinations, because it is combined of chloroform and hydrochloric acid, which is extremely harmful. Use bleach only and stay away from alcohol.


Bleach and ammonia 

The combination of bleach and ammonia produces toxic fumes, mostly chloramines, which are a real hazard for your eyes and lungs.

Vinegar and baking soda

You should stay away from this combination, even it may seem perfectly natural, and quite efficient as a house cleaning device. Baking soda reacts with acetic acid found in vinegar, producing sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide. Vinegar also causes baking soda to bubble, so if you put them in a closed container, you can cause explosion.

Vinegar and chlorine bleach

A poisonous chlorine gas is released by combining any kind of acid, including vinegar and chlorine.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide 

Never blend these two items, especially not in the same container because it will create peracetic acid solution which is highly toxic and can damage your skin, eyes and respiratory system.

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