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BREAKING: Obama Announces He Won’t Leave After His 2nd Term!

There are fewer than 324 days left until President Barack Obama’s 2nd term is over. But today, Obama has made a shocking announcement… He will not be leaving Washington, D.C.

This is horrible! It looks like we can never get this tyrant and socialist out of our nation’s capital:

President Barack Obama and his family will continue calling Washington home after he departs the White House next year[…]

Long rumored, the first family’s plans were revealed Thursday by the President himself, who said during lunch in Milwaukee that he planned to remain living in the capital until his younger daughter finishes high school.

“We’re going to have to stay a couple of years in D.C. probably so Sasha can finish,” he said. “Transferring someone in the middle of high school? Tough.”

Obama’s daughters attend Sidwell Friends in Washington, a private day school they entered when Obama took office in 2009. Malia, currently a senior, is expected to leave home for college next year. Sasha will be a sophomore in high school when Obama departs office in January 2017.

The President said Thursday that his plans beyond Sasha’s graduation weren’t yet clear.


Compare that to President George W. Bush who couldn’t wait to get out of Washington. Bush retired to Texas, spends time on his ranch, and is busy raising millions of dollars for injured veterans.

But while Bush is a man of God, Obama is a man of Government. That’s why Obama wants to be in our nation’s capital to continue advancing his radical agenda to shred our Constitutional liberty. How pathetic.

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