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Fans Shocked After Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Does THIS on Live TV

This is just painful to watch. The absolute disillusions of the left are shown through Geraldo’s responses.

Today, Outnumbered favorite Geraldo Rivera appeared on the show as this episode’s #OneLuckyMan, but as the segment devolved into an argument with Andrea Tantaros, he probably wasn’t feeling very lucky at all.


The topic turned to refugees and the conversation stalled when the panelists brought up the sexual assault “inferno” happening in Germany, which Chancellor Angela Merkel has been tripping over herself to combat.

Watch above as Rivera and Tantaros yell at one another. As a bonus for your lunchtime, pay close attention to Rivera’s quickly-reddening visage and the tortured expression on Meghan McCain‘s face as she sits between them, clearly wishing she were anywhere else.

Geraldo is a joke, and a mouth piece for the Left. That’s it. We see exactly what is going on in Europe with the mass influx of Muslims and how that is affecting citizens of those various western countries. The Left willfully chooses to be blind to the facts, and there is no amount of concrete solid evidence or testimony that will change that. Oh, and Megan, your Father is not exclusive to people just saying positive things about him. Calm down, princess.

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