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Girls, This Is How To Detect Two Way Mirrors And Hidden Surveillance Cameras

How to Detect Hidden Camera in Trial Room?

When you enter into the trail room, take your mobile and make a call. If u can’t make a call, or if your call gets cut soon after the receiver answers the call, then the chances are that there is a hidden camera within a meter.

Why you are unable to make the call or the call gets cut is due to the interference of fiber optic cable during the signal transfer.



how to detect 2 way mirrors

When we visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms, changing rooms, etc., How many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirror hanging on the wall is a real mirror, or actually a 2-way mirror I.e., they can see you, but you can’t see them. There have been many cases of people installing 2-way mirrors in female changing rooms or bathroom or bedrooms.

It is very difficult to positively identify the surface by just looking at it. So, how do we determine with any amount of certainty what type of Mirror we are looking at?


Place a pen against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between the point of the pen and the image of the pen, then it is a GENUINE mirror.

how to know real mirror and two way miorro

However, if the pen DIRECTLY TOUCHES the image of it, then better be careful. IT CAN BE A 2-WAY MIRROR! (There may be someone seeing you from the other side). So remember, every time you see a mirror, do the “TEST.” It doesn’t cost you anything and is very simple to do.

This is a really good thing to do. The reason there is a gap on a real mirror, is because the silver is on the back of the mirror UNDER the glass. From the glass face to the back of the glass there is space which we call the thickness. More the thickness of a glass, the more you find a gap between a object and its image.

When it comes to two-way mirror, the silver is on the surface. Therefore NO gap.

Keep it in mind ! Make sure and check every time you enter in hotel rooms.

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