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How To Cure Varicose Veins With The Help Of Tomato

Many people suffer from varicose veins and you probably have heard about Russian folk medicine method which is considered as very effective. Here we offer you an unusual but very effective method.

Everyone is not familiar with beneficial properties of tomatoes and its beneficial effects on human health. One of these is healing varicose veins. For this purpose you can use green or red ripe tomatoes, whichever you prefer. In this article we will provide two ways how to heal varicose veins.

Treatment Varicose veins with green tomatoes

What do you need to do first is to wash and cut on slices tomatoes. Put slices on the vein capillary area and varicose nodes, wrap and tie.


After some time you can feel tingling sensation, but if you feel burning sensation and you can’t stand, you have to remove tomato slices and wash area. If everything is well you can see results very soon, but for desired results you have to repeat procedure five times daily every day.

Treatment Varicose veins with red ripe tomatoes

This procedure is similar with green tomatoes treatment. Cut on slices red ripe tomatoes and put slices on the vein capillary area and varicose nodes, wrap and let it to stay 3-4 hours. It is needed to change tomatoes slices with new ones. It is better if you do this procedure evening or night time.

How long you will implement these methods depends on you. You can do it for longer period and make combination with both kinds. You probably would like to know why tomato is good for varicose veins. Because tomato contains substances (acid), that have effect like aspirin. Acid as anticoagulant, dilutes blood and prevents from stoppage, also flavonoid in tomatoes strengthen blood vessels.

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