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Joints, Spliffs & Blunts: Do You Know The Difference?

Joints, spliffs and blunts all have different bodily and cerebral effects when you smoke them. But, what makes these things different from each other, anyway? Here’s a brief breakdown of what’s what. 



Often called pre-rolls in dispensaries, a joint is another name for a cannabis cigarette. Depending on how big you want to go, a joint can usually fit anywhere between a quarter of a gram and even up to an eighth of an ounce if you’re truly ambitious. The joint is often rolled with a single paper, which often come in long and short varieties.

These papers are referred to as “rolling papers” and they’re often made out of hemp, flax, rice, or other non-wood substances like sisal and esparto. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to papers, but going organic is always a good choice for those who aren’t fond of inhaling paper smoke.

You can pick up very inexpensive joint rollers in any headshop and in most dispensaries. For the joint-rolling challenged they even make “cones”, which are basically partially constructed joints that you fill with flower. To finish off the joint, you just have to twist close the opening at the end.

The true test of a good joint is how well it burns. You want to make sure that it burns evenly around, otherwise, you end up with a scraggly looking cigarette with one side half burned off while a thin strip of paper remains on the other.




Spliffs mean different things in different regions. If you’re Jamaica, a spliff is the same as a pure cannabis cigarette. But, in the United States and Europe, a spliff is a combination of marijuana and tobacco. In Europe, it’s more uncommon to smoke cannabis alone. In the United States, smoking joints are a bit more common among weed smokers.

If you enjoy tobacco, one of the nice things about spliffs is that they cut down the smell of the marijuana. Not a whole lot, but the strong tobacco scent does add a layer of discretion to your smoking habit. The high from a spliff is also much more mild. Though it’s entirely up to you how much weed vs. how much tobacco you put in, the tobacco softens the marijuana smoking experience. You’ll be left feeling calm, but more functional than you would if you had smoked a pure cannabis joint.



If you enjoy the flavor of a cigar but are a true weed-lover, a blunt is the perfect thing for you. A blunt is a hollowed-out cigar that’s then filled with marijuana and resealed. You can also purchase blunt wraps online or in smoke shops. Smoking an entire blunt alone can be challenging for some. They’re often filled with significantly more marijuana than your typical joint. Due to their size, a blunt is a great option for passing around at a party or sharing with a group of people.

Cigar wraps are still made with tobacco, however. So, if you’re against nicotine, a blunt is probably not the best choice for you. Because they’re mostly cannabis, you’ll feel a significant marijuana high. But, you’ll also still get quite a bit of the mellow head-rush effects that you would with a spliff since you’re still smoking a tobacco leaf.

Joints, blunts, and spliffs all have their share of advantages and disadvantages. When deciding between which one you’d like the best, it’s important to know that you’re going to feel different sensations with each one of them. These experiences range from a complete psychoactive experience with a strictly-marijuana joint, to a calm yet blissed-out experience of smoking a blunt.

What do you prefer to smoke? Tell us on social media or in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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