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Mass Shooting Rocks the Nation… Here’s What the Media Is HIDING

This figures… before details on the mass shooting in Kansas had even been released, liberals and black activist rushed to blame a white shooter. Except it wasn’t. The shooter was a black man named Cedric Ford. He killed three people and injured 14, five critically. He was killed by a police officer who did his duty. Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder, who is being hailed as a hero by his local community, is said to have stopped the mass shooting after being the first officer on scene. “He went right in and did a heroic duty and service,” Gov. Sam Brownback said. Many more could have died if this brave officer hadn’t taken this deranged man out. He’s a hero.


From InfoWars:

Liberals across social media became oddly quiet Thursday evening after it was learned that a mass shooting in Kansas, which took the lives of three and injured as many as 16, was carried out by a black male.

Before the shooter’s identity was revealed to be that of Cedric Larry Ford, who spent 26-minutes viciously attacking fellow employees at Excel Industries in Hesston, liberals on Twitter were quick to blame the tragedy on “whites.”

The guy was a convicted felon who somehow owned quite a few guns. For some reason, he snapped and decided to go on a killing spree. Ford clocked into work as usual in the morning, but left hours later. He returned armed and just started killing. Has anyone else noticed that the overwhelming majority of mass murders are liberals or Muslim? No one will talk about and now with a black guy going on a shooting binge, they are floored that the guy wasn’t white. Racist much? I’d really live to know the guy’s motivation… whether religious, racial or political. But I guess we may never find that out. This whole rush to judgement based on race is just vile. These people are sick.










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