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MEDICAL MIRACLE: ACTIVE COAL – Saves you from poisoning

Medical charcoal absorbs almost everything you have received in the stomach or intestines. Indiscriminately binds itself to many organic and inorganic poisons, even over 60% of the present toxins, microorganisms and drugs. While himself not bind into metabolism because along with the bound toxins are expelled from the body.
MEDICAL MIRACLE ACTIVE COAL - Saves you from poisoning

This coal is completely safe and has no side effects. It can be used by children.

Activated charcoal can be used in heavy meals that impede digestion. However, as activated charcoal binds almost even nutrients and vitamins that you run is not recommended for long-term use.

Healing properties of coal its excellent ability to bind to bacterial toxins and other toxic materials which are entered in the body, or a product of metabolic processes.

HOW coal supplies?

Coal is obtained by burning wood, and the process is terminated just at the stage when fully filament.


For getting coal is used wood from eucalyptus, lime, walnut, cherry, apple or any other tree.

Coal can be created if put the heat into a container and hermetically close, or if  its covered with sheet metal plate and soil. In this way, a so-called activated carbon then has to crush in a mortar or grinding them in a coffee grinder. The finer boldly coal, the more effective.


Activated charcoal drink in: bad breath, gastric ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal problems, colitis, hepatitis, cancer and poisoning.


1-2 tablespoons of charcoal powder, mixed in a little water, drink 2-3 times a day before meals.

For children: liquid prepared by night stand, and the next day to drink the liquid without precipitate.

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