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Michelle Obama Turns on Husband, Reveals a DAMNING Secret

Footage has recently surfaced and answered the question that all Liberals choose to ignore and Conservatives persistently ask! By none other than the traitors wife! Is Obama really here to make our country greater or tear it apart?! Throughout his Presidency, Barack Obama has been criticized for being a liar. His time in the White House has been plagued by rumors that he is an imposter.

Now, Michelle has confirmed these rumors by accidentally exposing that her husband was born in Kenya in a recent speech.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Did Michelle just throw her husband under the bus?

This is proof in and of itself! My, my, it seems like quite a Freudian slip! Barack must have been furious that his own wife blew his cover, but it is his fault for marrying a fool like Michelle…


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