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Natural Aphrodisiacs – Try Them This Very Night!

Shellfish, hot spices and figs have always been known for their “hot” properties. Today we have the opportunity to explore in detail those properties. That’s what we did. Here’s what we found out.

Aphrodisiacs can be divided into two groups. The first group includes dishes resembling hot actions and sexual organs. These include shellfish, asparagus, figs etc.

In the second group are aphrodisiacs that have chemical ingredients that really turn on the passion inside us, whether with smell, taste or touch. While the first group has only suggestive effect because it resembles something sexy, the other group works mostly without exception to everyone. These are aphrodisiacs work excellent for both men and women.



When we see something we like – our pupils widen. One study found that women are most excited (pupils is the most widened) when they see a little baby. In the second place is  _ the chocolate. Chocolate is the king of natural aphrodisiacs, containing psychoactive things responsible for good feeling. It stimulates the release of dopamine, which extends the duration of orgasm. Cocoa contains arginine also known as “natural Viagra”. Arginine is an amino acid that creates a sense of sexual arousal, enhances blood flow to the genitals and relaxes the muscles. Therefore, it is no wonder that Casanova ate chocolate in large quantities.


Chili is hot, but not only in the sense that it burns in your throat. Chile contains chemicals that within a short time stimulate the release of endorphins and cause a state of euphoria. Metabolism after entering chili speeds, improves circulation as well as during the sex time. While Viagra had not been known, the impotence had been treated with chili.


Once, the avocado tree had the name “testicle tree” because the fruits grow in pairs, resembling male testicles. The fact that avocado has an effect on sexual desire was obviously known , even by the Catholic priests in Medieval Times because they had been forbidding the young seminarians to eat avocados in order not to get “the desire”. The interior of avocado awakens sexual associations, and the nutritional value of it puts it among the “super foods” that raises immunity, and also something else in men.

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