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Proof David Icke Was Right About The Reptilian People On Earth

So What Are Reptilian People?

According to many theorist’s Reptilians or Reptoid alien race are human looking lizard creatures that can shape shift. Other names they are known by are lizard men, saurians and alpha draconians. As many theorists like David Icke have claimed that Reptilians are a very dangerous alien species that are bent on world domination.reptilian people

Looking at a scientific point of view, there are many literatures out there that proves humans have reptilian biological influences in our brains and bodies. So does this verify David’s theory?

Watching this video was very interesting and raises a number of points. David Icke’s work tends to divide people’s opinions and it’s his reptilian theory which causes a lot of people to doubt everything he says, I have watched and listened to many hours of his talks and for me a lot of this makes sense to me.


Sometimes our ego can get in the way of our judgment and I believe this is what many people do when they listen to David Icke. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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