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Try This Oil It Will Cure Joints And Bone Pain, Rheumatism In 1 Week!

If you’re suffering from joint and bone pain caused by rheumatism, you will be relieved to know that a hot pepper oil can cure the pain in only a week.

This amazing oil has successfully relieved joint pain in people suffering from neuralgia, myositis and rheumatism. The oil works as a stimulant that expands the capillaries and increases the blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin in that way improving the vitamin metabolism and activating the regenerative function of the epidermis. Here’s how you can prepare the oil:


10 very hot red peppers

2 c. of cold-pressed olive oil

1 l. glass jar



Wash and clean the peppers from the inside well, then chop them finely before grinding them in a meat grinder. Put the powder in the glass jar then pour the olive oil over it. Close the jar tight and let it stay in a dark place for seven days. After a week, strain the oil and it’s done!

The leftovers peppers can be used in various dishes, and the oil should be rubbed onto the affected body parts.

Massage the oil onto your skin several times a day when you feel the pain. If you’re using it on your feet and legs, put on socks or tights after the massage to further increase the heat and enhance the effects.

At first, you should feel a burning sensation when you rub the oil on your skin, but it will go away quickly. Use the oil depending on your pain levels – for example, use it once a week if you experience joint pain due to a change in the weather.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the oil in a dark and cool place.

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