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(VIDEO) A MAN WHO WAS IN A COMA AND SAW GOD: What God Showed Him Was Completely Devastating For Him


Nathan wakes up on a place where there is no place, in a space where there is no space. He slowly realizes that he is not in this world anymore, but after the shock he realizes that finally there came the moment when he can find out all of the answers on all the questions about his life.

“Talking to God” was very interesting, because God showed him all the situations that he was interested in and it felt like he relived them again. The young man then went in his earliest childhood and asked who stole his bicycle when he was a little boy. He was interested in the time when he was the bravest, how he surfed on waves, who gave him the best advice, how many eggs did he eat, how many times he high-fived someone and how many times in life he had sex.

The answers were unexpected, some more, some less. For example, he was brave as a child and the interesting retrospective stopped the moment when among all the numerous memories there was the face of a girl called Paige.


“Which woman was ideal for me?”, asked the young man and God showed him Paige.

He accepted the answer reluctantly and then asked another question. “No, I meant which woman in the history of mankind was the most ideal one for me?”, he asked, but God showed him Paige again.

He then became aware of his failure, because he and Paige broke up a long time ago, so he started asking some other question concerning her life.

“Did she get married?”, “What is she doing now?”, he asked many things about her and when God showed him her life and her child, he didn’t even want to think about her anymore.

Nathan wanted to stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend, so he asked God: “When was I the happiest?”.

The answer that God gave him devastated him completely. Take a look at the short film which has won numerous awards and in which many people recognized themselves and even shed tears:

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